Who we are

The beginning

Callegaro srl was founded in 1973.

At the beginning the company focused on third parties’ projects of turning and drilling work to produce oil-dynamic cylinders and ball valves of different type and size.

The high quality and professional work shortly gave exceptional results, so much so that it was soon necessary to move to a bigger headquarter, in order to satisfy the specific requests from the customers.

In 1982 the company moved to the current offices.

The beautiful mechanic

A new line of automatic machines, which produce small components, was launched alongside the traditional production. The company flourished and focused on this field for some years. The economic situation was satisfying, but the founder, who loves the beautiful mechanic, was however not fully satisfied.

It was a turning point for the company: new clients, new machines, new expertise and a new production type.
The first priority work was new models and single and complex prototypes, which needed the newly acquired high precision tools and advanced equipment. The company also started working for foreign companies, especially German, which are still happy Callegaro Meccanica’s customers.

In 1992 the company was proud to employ the founder’s son, who had finished his academic carrier.His studies are linked to the family business.

The quality check

Marco was at the base of the strong evolutionary urge, which led to the expansion of the factory and new factory layout, which finished in 1996. New highly technological machines were acquired, making it possible to improve the quality: The new 3D quality check was installed in the necessary thermostatic room with regulated temperature. More information about quality check